January 3, 2019

Facts about Postal Services

Communication is a process that entails sending and receiving information that can be understood by both parties. This has seen the rise of various channels and methods of communication to allow the smooth sending and receiving of messages. Postal services have played a significant role in facilitating reliable communication. These services are basically associated with the sending of written information. In fact, these services have been around for many decades. For that reason, there is a need to know more about postal services and what they entail. Search for Liteblue to get a better understanding.

Below are some of the facts about postal services which most people are not well-versed with. Studying them will give insight on how far postal services have come from up to date. They include:

The cost of stamps is always rising

Initially, stamps used to retail at a lower price of 5 cents or even 3 cents. Those were the good old days. Right now the prices have really gone high. The economic changes and increased cost of living are playing a significant role in pushing the prices of postage stamps higher. This trend is expected to continue and users just have to get used with it.

Abraham Lincoln used to be a postmaster

This is an aspect about Abraham Lincoln most people do not know. Obviously, most people know that he was the President of the United States and was undoubtedly very resilient and relentless in the face of adversities. It is also true he was a very reliable local postmaster in Illinois, a job he did for 3 years, from 1833. He used to deliver mails by hoarding them inside his amazing hat.

Quite a number of famous people served as postmasters and clerks

Surprisingly, Abraham Lincoln was not the only famous individual who worked as local postmasters or clerks. There are quite a number of popular people who participated in rendering postal services. They include Adlai Stevenson, Richard Wright, Charles Lindbergh, Walt Disney, Bing Crosby, and William Faulkner. Honestly delivering mails seems to have been a very fancy job. With such prominent people having a hand in it, you can tell how important it was.

The postal services are getting bigger

In the past, the postal service sector was not that big. There were a few postmasters, clerks, post offices and vehicles used in transporting letters. Currently, the postal service sector has grown tremendously all over the world. There are many post offices and experts who are trained in postal services. This has made sending and receiving of letters a lot easier. The delays witnessed in the past have been dealt with accordingly.

India has the highest number of Post office

India seems to be have mastered the art of postal services. In 2011 it was discovered that India had the highest number of post offices in the whole world. India had more than 150,000 post offices. No doubt the number of post offices in India to date is higher than that in 2011.


There are numerous facts about Postal services. Understanding these facts helps in providing insight on where postal services have come from. You can rely on the above facts to enhance your postal service knowledge.

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