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Not much technical knowledge is required to get the data to the cloud you know the basic you can get your data through.

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You can access this form any device which has the ability to access the internet in it.

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It is very easy to use this storage place as it is built to be a very user-friendly storage hub.

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Certain features that you wished you had in every storage hub that we have ever visited, It makes the hub very user-friendly and also creates a great experience for you.

  • Automatic vertical / horizontal scaling,
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  • Docker containers support
  • Smart orchestration of resources
  • High availability


May 5, 2018

Using the Right Content Strategy when Promoting Governmental Projects: Dos and Don’ts

Promoting the government projects is quite a responsible task as you need to address several things accordingly. For example, if you are looking to promote the government projects, you need to choose the right platform and right tactics so that it may not spread any kind of offense. Click Here and take a look at some other content marketing strategies for promoting a governmental project.

There are always some good and bad elements in a country. The opposition leaders are always in search of finding some mistakes of the ruling party so that they may display those mistakes to the public to show the ineligibility of the ruling party.

Therefore, the government needs to take every step very carefully. The use of words in a project matters a lot when you are promoting a governmental project. Therefore, you should hire the best writer for this purpose. If you are living in a country where you can’t find quality writers, you may consider hiring a freelance writer.

However, make sure that you hire the best Freelance Content Writer for this purpose because the average writers may destroy the reputation of your project. We are going to share some essential strategies with you that you may use when promoting governmental projects. Make sure that you follow these strategies when working on such projects otherwise, you’d have to face the music. Let’s take a look at the content strategies you must follow when promoting governmental projects.

Use formal words

The use of formal words is really important when promoting governmental projects because you are representing a very reputable department. Make sure that you do not use any informal words in your document so that it may not cause any offense. Sometimes, the addressee gets offended when they find the use of informal words in such a reputable document. So, make sure that you check your document as many times as possible so that no mistakes are left behind. In fact, you should hire an editor for this purpose if you want to produce the perfect copy each time.

No offense

Make sure that you are not making any offense to a particular group because it may put a negative impact on your project. Sometimes, a minor offense may become too complicated for you and it may become extremely difficult for you to manage the problems. If you are addressing someone from another country, you need to make sure that you hire a professional writer for this purpose so that they may write the accurate words for you.

There are some words that are considered to be normal in our everyday conversation but they are considered to be offensive in other parts of the world. So, you must hire a native writer from the country where you are trying to promote your project. Here are some other strategies for promoting a governmental project.

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April 11, 2018

How Government Can Improve Tech Security on Their Sites?

The Government needs to pay a lot of attention to their sites because their sites are always at a risk. Different countries take help from the hackers to steal the confidential information of other countries. Some of the Government websites contain complete information about every resident living in their country. So, if this information gets leaked, it would create a very dangerous situation.

Usually, hackers do not make any attempts to hack the websites of Government but the government should still be very careful about the information that they have on their websites. Today, we are going to talk about the tips that Government officials can follow in order to protect their sites from cyber attacks. Last year, many American websites got hacked during the elections and it was reported that some Russian hackers made those attempts.

The issue is now completely resolved but this reported created a huge chaos in the whole country. So, the Government should now think wisely and prepare a proper security plan for their websites so that nobody can make any attacks on their websites. Here are the tips that Government can follow in order to improve tech security on their sites.

Hire cyber security experts

The cybersecurity experts can stop cyber attacks better than others. So, the government should hire the cybersecurity experts for this job. There are some countries where cybersecurity experts are hired from other countries. These foreigners can also be a threat to your confidential information. Therefore, the Government should prepare some scholarship plans for the residents of their own country so that they can participate in securing their sites.

Keep an eye on latest security trends

The security trends are continuously changing in the tech industry. The hackers are introducing some new techniques to hack different websites. Therefore, the Government officials should keep an eye on these new changes. They can hire some employees for this purpose so that they can regularly read the information about the latest trends in the tech industry.

The government should hire an employee for every top tech tip site so that they can stay updated with the information that is being shared on these websites.

Create own firewall system

There are many companies that are offering firewall system to secure the websites but the Government should not rely on these systems. The Government should hire the experts to create a separate firewall for their websites so that nobody can think of breaking that system. The firewall should be designed by the experts that are completely aware of the techniques that are being used to hack different websites. Here are some other ways how government can improve tech security on their sites.

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December 21, 2017

Taking a look at how some countries impose Government Restrictions on Online Computer Games

The government of a country doesn’t usually have any objection against any kind of game because games are a source of entertainment and most of the countries appreciate the efforts of several companies that are developing excellent quality games regularly. There are many game development companies that are running international games successfully for many years and they have never faced any problem with any country throughout their journey.

However, there are some game developers that sometimes develop some games that are designed for a particular group of people or the games that have some explicit content in them. In this situation, the government of a country doesn’t have any option instead of banning that game because such kind of games can create a chaos in the country.

And sometimes, this may lead to some dangerous results. Therefore, the best way to stay away from chaos is to ban a game that is against a particular group of people. The government of each country has developed some rules and regulations with for the online computer games with the help of their IT experts. These rules and regulations may appear a little bit offensive to some game developers but they are bound to develop the game according to the rules and regulations of a country otherwise, their game won’t be launched in that country.

Banning the IP

Banning the IP is the easiest way of implementing the restrictions against a particular game. There are some limited internet service providers in every country. The government of every country has the right to pass the order to these service providers to stop or start the transmission of a website or channel etc. For example, if the government of a country realizes that Barbie Juego en Juegos Friv is breaking their rules, they would simply send an email to the internet service providers to stop the transmission of this game immediately.

The internet service providers will detect the IP of that game and then they will submit a command in their main server. After this, the game will be completely blocked in that country and no one will be able to play that game unless the ban is released.

Taking the case to the court

If a game is developed to ruin the traditions of a particular country, the government of that country has all the rights to take the developer of that game to the court. The court will listen to the opinion of both the parties and after that if the court found that the developer has done something willingly, the court will issue an order to ban his game permanently and then he’d be charged a heavy amount as a fine. Click Here and see how some countries impose government restrictions on online computer games.

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September 7, 2017


A global, enterprise-level technology solutions provider, Mastek combines the strengths of a world class product company with a specialist services organisation. We utilise agile methodologies that deliver early business value and enable organisations to adapt to dynamically transforming IT environments. Our core IT services portfolio covers application development, service management and testing, maintenance, IT consulting, systems integration, mobility, data warehousing, business intelligence and analytics.

Mastek has over three decades of extensive experience specialising in government, retail, insurance and healthcare sectors. Our flexible delivery model, which blends onsite and offshore implementation, coupled with a collaborative culture makes us a trusted partner to our customers. With 19 offices in eight countries, Mastek operates across the UK, Europe, the US, Canada, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East.

Following the Government’s ‘Digital by Default’ initiative, Mastek has been appointed to the G-Cloud and GDS (Government Digital Services) frameworks. We have extensive experience in delivering large-scale, complex IT solutions to numerous government departments including, healthcare, education, defence, local governments, justice, transportation and logistics.

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September 7, 2017


Compuware APM is the leader in a new generation of application performance management. Unlike traditional APM solutions that are heavy, difficult and reactive, Compuware APM is light, smart and proactive. Compuware APM is built to manage the complexity of today’s most challenging modern applications including mobile, cloud, big data and SOA. Compuware APM optimises and monitors tens of thousands of applications for more than 5,000 customers, large and small, around the globe. Through the lens of end-user experience, our customers enjoy faster performance, proactive problem resolution, accelerated time-to-market and reduced application management costs through smarter analytics, advanced APM automation and a unique performance lifecycle foundation.

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