December 21, 2017

Taking a look at how some countries impose Government Restrictions on Online Computer Games

The government of a country doesn’t usually have any objection against any kind of game because games are a source of entertainment and most of the countries appreciate the efforts of several companies that are developing excellent quality games regularly. There are many game development companies that are running international games successfully for many years and they have never faced any problem with any country throughout their journey.

However, there are some game developers that sometimes develop some games that are designed for a particular group of people or the games that have some explicit content in them. In this situation, the government of a country doesn’t have any option instead of banning that game because such kind of games can create a chaos in the country.

And sometimes, this may lead to some dangerous results. Therefore, the best way to stay away from chaos is to ban a game that is against a particular group of people. The government of each country has developed some rules and regulations with for the online computer games with the help of their IT experts. These rules and regulations may appear a little bit offensive to some game developers but they are bound to develop the game according to the rules and regulations of a country otherwise, their game won’t be launched in that country.

Banning the IP

Banning the IP is the easiest way of implementing the restrictions against a particular game. There are some limited internet service providers in every country. The government of every country has the right to pass the order to these service providers to stop or start the transmission of a website or channel etc. For example, if the government of a country realizes that Barbie Juego en Juegos Friv is breaking their rules, they would simply send an email to the internet service providers to stop the transmission of this game immediately.

The internet service providers will detect the IP of that game and then they will submit a command in their main server. After this, the game will be completely blocked in that country and no one will be able to play that game unless the ban is released.

Taking the case to the court

If a game is developed to ruin the traditions of a particular country, the government of that country has all the rights to take the developer of that game to the court. The court will listen to the opinion of both the parties and after that if the court found that the developer has done something willingly, the court will issue an order to ban his game permanently and then he’d be charged a heavy amount as a fine. Click Here and see how some countries impose government restrictions on online computer games.

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