May 20, 2019


Manufacturing industries need to rely on a ton of metrics as they are always bombarded with information. With all this information, it becomes difficult to look into all the available manufacturing metrics and figure out which will yield more information about an issue that needs to be solved immediately which can result in the increase of manufacturing efficiency. Dueto which companies rely heavily on BI software application to track the key performance indicators or KPIs of their organisations. KPIs are a measure where the organisation finds the strength and weakness of their business to make sure that they are on par with the objectives.


Customer experience and responsive manufacturing metrics

  • One time delivery to commit is the percentage of time the manufacturer delivers a completed product on schedule.
  • Manufacturing cycle time is the speed taken for manufacturers to produce the product to make sure it reaches the consumer on time.
  • Time to make changeover is the time it takes time to switch a manufacturing line from making one product and then making a different one.

Quality manufacturing metrics

  • Yield is the percentage of products being manufactured correctly.
  • Customer rejectsis a measure to know how many times consumer rejects a production the basis of return.
  • Suppliers quality incoming is the percentage of good quality materials coming from the suppliers.


Efficiency manufacturing metrics

  • Throughput is a measure of how much the product is being produced on a unit over a period of time.
  • Capacity utilisation indicates the total manufacturing output capacity utilised at any given point.
  • Overall equipment effectiveness keeps track of availability, performance and quality to indicate the overall efficiency of a production line.
  • Schedule or production attainment is the percentage of time taken to target the level of production attained in a given period of time.


Inventory metrics

  • WIP inventory measures the efficiency of inventory materials by dividing the cost of goods sold by the average inventory used.


Compliance metrics

  • Reportable health and safety is the number of health and safety incidents that were recorded over a period of time.
  • Number of non-compliance events is the number of times a plant operated out of guidelines for a period of a year.

Maintenance manufacturing metrics

  • Percentage planned vs emergency maintenance work order is a measure to know how often scheduled maintenance, or unplanned maintenance took place over any given period of time.
  • Downtime in proportion to operating time is the ratio of downtime to operating time .


Flexibility and innovation

  • Rate of new product introduction is how fast a manufactured product or design can be introduced in the market
  • Engineering change order cycle time is to determine the changes in the design of an existing product that can be implemented through documentation and production.
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